Level Up.

Meetups Done Differently

Inspiring talks, industry experts, community building, awesome food. A Place to Grow Together



Level Up - Meetups Done Differently

Powered by Natural Intelligence, Level Up is a place to grow together.

Whether you're a developer, team leader, product manager or just see yourself as a professional - Level Up is for you. 

Level Up puts the people and their professionalism first. 


No more meetups for recruiting purposes

No more  meetups with uncurated content

No more meetups where people don't know each other


Level Up

Meetups Done Differently 

Meet The Team

Jon Doe

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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


Kobi Kadosh

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Tech Lead at Natural Intelligence. I specialize in giving the right advice at the right time. My work-life passion is finding the most impactful thing I can do for the org and just doing it! I consider myself to be a people-person and taking portrait photos is my thing. 


Yoel Rivelis

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Community manager at Natural Intelligence. I specialize in the inception, creation, and management of online and offline communities. 




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The Venue

Toha building, 23rd floor

6 Totseret Haharets St.

Tel Aviv 

Situated in the most talked-about new building in Israel, is the headquarters of Natural Intelligence and the home to Level Up - a Meetup Done Differently

You'll find us on the 23rd floor in the company's well thought and designed event space.

  • Parking available 

  • HaShalom train station (3-minute walk)

  • Hashalom/Totseret Haharetz bus station


Meetups Done Differently

Lightning Talks, Expert Panel, Powerpoint Karaoke, Awesome Food.

A Place to Grow Together