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DEC 18


Lightning Talks


Frontend Tech Lead

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Kobi Kadosh

Tech Lead at Natural Intelligence. I specialize in giving the right advice at the right time. My work-life passion is finding the most impactful thing I can do for the org and just doing it! I consider myself to be a people-person and taking portrait photos is my thing. 

Rethink Your Company Communication Strategy 

Kobi Kadosh

There are lots of guides about internal communication strategies out there. In this talk, I will share NI's process of rebuilding teams, departments, the whole company communication processes, and most importantly - why it matters. You will benefit from this personally, but also your colleagues and the whole company.

Our Journey to Continous Delivery

Zvika Naveh

Continuous Delivery is like a race track, You need to make sure that it always flows.

I will overview our journey to continuous delivery from three different angles and share some takeaways about CI/CD and the culture that supports it.

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Zvika Naveh

Platform R&D Director at Natural Intelligence - passionate about people and delivery and the culture that supports both. When I'm not working you can catch me biking, climbing or carpentering in the back yard. Or maybe I'm just dreaming about it while raising my 3 kids?


Platform R&D Director


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