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DEC 18


Lightning Talks


Frontend Tech Lead

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Kobi Kadosh

Tech Lead at Natural Intelligence. I specialize in giving the right advice at the right time. My work-life passion is finding the most impactful thing I can do for the org and just doing it! I consider myself to be a people-person and taking portrait photos is my thing. 

Rethink Your Company Communication Strategy 

Kobi Kadosh

There are lots of guides about internal communication strategies out there. In this talk, I will share NI's process of rebuilding teams, departments, the whole company communication processes, and most importantly - why it matters. You will benefit from this personally, but also your colleagues and the whole company.

Our Journey to Continous Delivery

Zvika Naveh

Continuous Delivery is like a race track, You need to make sure that it always flows.

I will overview our journey to continuous delivery from three different angles and share some takeaways about CI/CD and the culture that supports it.

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Zvika Naveh

Platform R&D Director at Natural Intelligence - passionate about people and delivery and the culture that supports both. When I'm not working you can catch me biking, climbing or carpentering in the back yard. Or maybe I'm just dreaming about it while raising my 3 kids?


Platform R&D Director


Software Developer

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Doron Eli

A professional software developer for the past 6 years and a tech enthusiast my entire life.
I’m a foodie, a proud geek and probably can beat anyone at Marvel trivia. I also like to listen to podcasts about history, science, and politics.​

Keeping Up With                  Code Standards

Doron Eli

Want to know how to take ownership of your code, keep standards and dev velocity high even when your R&D scale?
In his talk, Doron will share his knowledge and insights into some of the most powerful source control tools and best practices to utilize them to your needs.

Caught in a Bad Abstraction

Stav Barak

This talk is focused on the well-known issue of getting caught is wrong abstractions from a different perspective: I will focus on the very basic question of 'why do we get trapped in wrong abstractions, to begin with?' and suggest ways to overcome this issue.



Frontend Developer

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Stav Barak

Front End Developer at Natural Intelligence. I love the constant state of learning and acquiring new skills every-day. I have no memory of a comfort zone at this point and yeah, I have a thing for cats. You'll see it in my talk. 


Web Team Lead & Full-Stack Developer

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Sefi Eini

Web Team Leader at Platforms at Natural Intelligence. Married to Sophie, father to Dan. NI soccer team captain and a sucker for crosswords. 

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Sefi Eini & Yariv Gdidi

Complex problems call for complex solutions, right? Well, Finding solutions to problems is a part of all of our daily work. What's not clear (sometimes) is how to choose the right solution in an informed manner. This talk is an eye-opening to finding the simplest solution to the most challenging problem, ones that consider the impact, time, and risk management.

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Yariv Gdidi

Full-Stack web developer in the Platform group at Natural Intelligence.
When not working or with my family, I like riding my bike.
Other than that, I enjoy technical challenges and working on my personal app.

Feel free to check it out.


Expert Panel


Gal Schleizinger



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Making an impact on developer experience and performance @ Wix.com all day, playing punk rock music all night. I have multiple Hacktoberfest t-shirts for open source projects like FNM (Fast Node Manager) — Github. A programming-language enthusiast: @reasonml, @rustlang, @typescript, and our precious JavaScript.


Oren Rubin

Founder & CEO


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Oren is the CEO and founder of Testim.io, he is also a Google Developer Expert and conference speaker. Before that he was VP R&D at applitools and worked on platforms at Wix.

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Shimon Tolts

Co-Founder & CEO


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Shimon is the CEO & Co-Founder at Datree, a git-based policy engine. It allows engineering teams to automatically enforce development standards and security policies directly within their git workflow.

Shimon is an AWS Community Hero and leader of the GitHub User Group.

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Shai Mishali

iOS Tech Lead 


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An international speaker and a highly active open-source contributor and maintainer on several high-profile projects. Namely - the RxSwift Community and RxSwift projects, but also releases many open-source endeavors around Combine such as CombineCocoa, RxCombine and more. As an avid enthusiast of hackathons, Shai took 1st place at BattleHack Tel-Aviv 2014, BattleHack World Finals San Jose 2014, and Ford's Developer Challenge Tel-Aviv 2015 


Demi Ben-Ari

Co-Founder & CTO


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Software engineer, Entrepreneur and an International Tech Speaker.
Demi has over 12 years of experience in building various systems both from the field of near real time applications and Big Data distributed systems.
Co-Founder of the “Big Things” Big Data community and Google Developer Group Cloud.
Big Data Expert, but interested in all kinds of technologies, from front-end to backend, whatever moves data around



DEC 18


Gathering - Mingle & Food


5 Lightning talks (10 min.)




PowerPoint Karaoke


Expert Panel



The Venue

Toha building, 23rd floor

6 Totseret Haharets St.

Tel Aviv 

Situated in the most talked-about new building in Israel, is the headquarters of Natural Intelligence and the home to Level Up - a Meetup Done Differently

You'll find us on the 23rd floor in the company's well thought and designed event space.

  • Parking available 

  • HaShalom train station (3-minute walk)

  • Hashalom/Totseret Haharetz bus station


Meetups Done Differently

Lightning Talks, Expert Panel, Powerpoint Karaoke, Awesome Food.

A Place to Grow Together


Level Up Meetup 2019


December 18th, 2019


Toha building, 23rd floor,

6 Totseret Haharets st. 

Tel Aviv